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Chris Gorges provides an effective, nonjudgmental and supportive outlet for ASL students to practice and review their skills. As an ASL instructor, I enthusiastically recommend this wonderful resource to my students and everyone else as well to learn, practice and review.

Trent Wade | Deaf ASL Instructor

New Course on Skillshare

Master the ASL alphabet and improve your fingerspelling in just 30 minutes! In our new course on Skillshare, you will learn how to sign the entire ASL alphabet, become familiar with common variations, and learn about common mistakes to avoid. You’ll also go through a series of practice videos that will help you build up your receptive skills, complete a class project, and learn some TIPS & TRICKS that will help you take your fingerspelling to the next level. Go ahead and check it out for free here.

“I really enjoyed this class! I love how clear the instructor is and the video quality is amazing. I can not wait until he comes out with more videos. Thanks so much for making these lessons, they helped so much!”

– Dee Dee


We also provide free educational content via our YouTube channel so anyone from anywhere can learn how to make learning ASL a long term success. There you can find easy to follow lessons, encouraging interviews, and helpful tips and tricks that can help you save time and learn faster.

Thank you so much for these videos! My friend is deaf in one ear and is becoming totally deaf and your videos make it so much easier to communicate with her.

– Vivian

Practice Sessions

We also host free weekly group practice sessions where learners from all around the world can come together and put into practice what they have been learning with others of a similar skill level. These sessions are open and available to anyone who would like to find someone to practice with and can be extremely beneficial towards making faster progress.

These group sessions are helping me improve and meet others learning ASL. I really appreciate this opportunity. 

– Kieran

One on One

Need more help one on one? We would love to work with you! Over the years we have helped dozens of students overcome a variety of challenges and helped them become successful in learning ASL, some of which eventually became professional interpreters!

I have learned so much with Chris! He is an amazing instructor and is so patient with me. I can be myself around him without feeling judged and have become so much more confident since working with him.

– Imani


Want to get serious? Check out our upcoming 7-Day Challenge where you can take part in an accelerated program that incorporates resources, live practice, classes, interactive challenges, and more. You can also check out some of our previous boot camps, workshops, or crash courses where we facilitate a positive and encouraging community where students can feel comfortable making mistakes without being judged or criticized. Additionally, we will help you unlock your full learning potential so you can accelerate your progress and become fluent in less time.

“I loved meeting others who love learning and love ASL as much as I do. It was nice to be among people who are patient and understanding as we all worked through our own challenges”

– Pascal

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Beyond the Basics

Learning a new language can be fun, exciting, and empowering. However, at times it can also be difficult and challenging. That is why we want to provide as many tools as possible to make learning sign language accessible, positive, fun, and successful. Try out Beyond the Basics for free and instantly unlock hours of exclusive videos, workshops, and courses! Feel free to also check out some of our other resources as well listed below.

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