ASL Basics on Skillshare | Fingerspelling

If you are ready to start learning ASL or would like to improve your fingerspelling skills, then our NEW COURSE about the ASL alphabet is going to be the perfect place to start!

In this course you will learn how to sign the entire ASL alphabet from memory and learn how to further advance both your receptive and expressive fingerspelling skills quickly so you can confidently and effectively communicate with others in sign language.

In this course you will:

  • Learn to properly sign each letter of the ASL alphabet
  • Learn the common variations for certain letters
  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes
  • Go through a series of practice videos to help you develop your fingerspelling skills
  • Learn how to quickly develop both your expressive and receptive fingerspelling skills
  • You will complete a fun and engaging project that will immediately put what you have learned into real world practice

ASL Basics on Skillshare | Click Here

This course will be perfect for you whether you are just getting started or are wanting to further improve your fingerspelling skills. If you know someone else that would like to learn ASL please feel free to share this resources with them. We hope you enjoy our first course and we are looking forward to publishing more courses soon on Skillshare!

See what others are saying!

“I have taken ASL1, ASL2, ASL3 classes at a local college. These videos and instruction is so clear and helpful. I learned some new ways of explaining ASL and also expanding my knowledge of the language.”

– Jonathan

“I really enjoyed this class! I love how clear the instructor is and the video quality is amazing. I can not wait until he comes out with more videos. Thanks so much for making these lessons, they helped so much!”

– Dee Dee

“Chris is a very clear and engaging teacher. This is a great introduction to fingerspelling. The course is short enough to get through in one sitting which is great when you are just beginning and are eager and curious. The individual lessons are well organized making it easy to come back later to practice and reinforce individual concepts. I’m looking forward to getting deeper into ASL with Chris’ guidance.”

– Jackie

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    1. That’s a great question. We do plan on doing a part 2 of our High Frequency words series as quickly as we can, however we don’t have a specific date for that yet.

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