Ultimate Interpreting Program

$229.00 / month

With our ultimate interpreting program you will receive weekly 1 hour one on one sessions specifically tailored for you. Additionally, you will receive weekly assignments and have the option of periodic evaluations to help you identify what areas need more attention.

Through this program you will receive a unique program designed specifically for you with the expertise of a certified interpreter with years of experience across various fields of interpreting.

We will help you improve your receptive and expressive skills, discourse mapping, review CPCs (Codes of Professional Conduct) and teach you how to pass specific certification evaluations such as the E.S.S.E., E.I.P.A, or the N.I.C. so you can increase your career opportunities and serve the Deaf community in an even higher capacity. As an added bonus, you will also receive FREE access to our Beyond the Basics content.

Below is a full list of benefits with this program.

  • WEEKLY 60 min 1:1 sessions
  • WEEKLY assignments designed specifically for your needs
  • Access to TWO workshops every month
  • Group practice sessions
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Early access to new videos
  • 2 free months of premium access to Skillshare
  • Permanent 10% discount on all merch
  • Access to a growing library of exclusive content
    • Classes
    • Workshops
    • Livestreams
    • Group sessions

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