asl group practice

Numbers in ASL

Numbers are everywhere! When learning a new language, numbers are often one of the first things we learn, and for good reason. Whether you are talking about time, age, money, quantities, or math… numbers just are part of our daily lives. If you are learning ASL, then learning how to sign numbers is a great …

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Feelings and Emotions in ASL

How are you feeling? Happy? Excited? Tired? Learn how to sign a variety of feelings and emotions in American Sign Language today for free. Below I have included a variety of resources that can help you build up your vocabulary in ASL. The video featured below for example is from ASL Connect, a free resource …

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ASL Group Practice Sessions

One challenge many ASL students face is finding others to practice with. During the current pandemic, that challenge as only gotten harder. That is why I am making ASL Group Practice Sessions available to anyone that is interested in improving their expressive and receptive skills in sign language.