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Top 10 Books to Read During Quarantine

In the wake of an unexpected pandemic, many of us have been locked away in our houses for weeks, only leaving for the essential trips to the grocery store. We went from constantly running errands, working, attending school, and spending time with friends and family, to sitting on our couches and continuously checking for the newest COVID-19 update. Thankfully, for those of us who are healthy, we now have time to do some of the things we’ve always wanted to. That’s why I created a list of my top ten books to read during quarantine. (These are also great to read during breaks between tele-working!)

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Award Winning Book

Recently, Julie Gorges’ book “I’m Your Daughter, Julie” has been receiving some high praise. I previously did an article about the book which you can read here, but I’d like to highlight what Marianne Sciucco said about the book in her article “AlzAuthors 3rd Annual Caregiver Appreciation Month“. “I’m Your Daughter, Julie: Caring for a

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