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Numbers in ASL

Numbers are everywhere! When learning a new language, numbers are often one of the first things we learn, and for good reason. Whether you are talking about time, age, money, quantities, or math… numbers just are part of our daily lives. If you are learning ASL, then learning how to sign numbers is a great

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Feelings and Emotions in ASL

How are you feeling? Happy? Excited? Tired? Learn how to sign a variety of feelings and emotions in American Sign Language today for free. Below I have included a variety of resources that can help you build up your vocabulary in ASL. The video featured below for example is from ASL Connect, a free resource

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A gray background with a hand holding a clock with a title that reads, "A Rare Gift - Extra Time"

A Rare Gift

Every four years we are gifted with the one thing we all need most, time. Time really is our most precious resource, and this year we are gifted with an extra 24 hours, a whole extra day’s worth of time.  This is an incredible opportunity to do the things that you have always wanted to do

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100 Signs You Need to Know

If you are currently learning sign language, this is a perfect place to start! In this series, I show you the first 100 signs you should know when learning ASL. It is a four part series with 25 themed signs each. Part 1 The first lesson in the series covers what you need to know

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