ASL Interpreter Stories

Over the years, both my wife and I have interpreted for a lot of different situations, ranging from education, medical, mental health, therapy, police departments to name a few.

Johnni discusses why she really enjoys interpreting for the community, hospitals, and clinics while I on the other hand talk about why I enjoy educational interpreting so much.

While watching the video, don’t mind our dog, Shadow … being a golden retriever, he’s always hungry for attention!

Anyways, in the video above we both give our honest opinions about our favorite fields of interpreting and share some entertaining (and embarrassing) stories along the way.

Be sure to stick around until the end of this video too for some pretty hilarious outtakes 🤣

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A Question for You

If you are thinking about making interpreting a career, which fields most interest you? Education, medical, legal … something else entirely?

If you are currently a sign language interpreter, what is your favorite field of interpreting?

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