Black Friday Deals Already?

It’s funny how Black Friday started out as a single day of massive sales, then grew into a weekend event, and now it seems it is a month long extravaganza of deals. For myself, I much prefer it this way since you can avoid the crowds, commotion, and overall craziness that Black Friday is known for. So if you happen to want to get a head start on catching some great deals, I’ve highlighted a few really good ones I’ve found on Amazon.


TVs and Black Friday are practically synonymous at this point. If you’ve been holding out to get another TV, now is the perfect time. Amazon is having a lot of great deals on Samsung TVs right now. They’re QLED and 4K, which means the picture quality is crazy good. The 55″ is a particularly good deal. Links to various sizes are below.

43″ Samsung 4K QLED
55″ Samsung 4K QLED
65″ Samsung 4K QLED
75″ Samsung 4K QLED
82″ Samsung 4K QLED

More Deals on Samsung TVs

Echo Show

Amazon’s Echo devices are practically ubiquitous at this point, and are found nearly everywhere. However, the newer Echo Show devices are great for anyone that makes video calls, especially if you use sign language as your primary means of communication. These devices are typically pretty cheap already, but they are even harder to pass up when they are heavily discounted like they are right now.

Below is the larger of the two devices with a 10″ HD screen. This is a fantastic way to make video calls, and you get all of the functionality of the Alexa ecosystem as well.

The smaller brother, the Echo Show 5 is nice because of just how compact it is and you don’t lose any of the versatility of its bigger brother. As an added bonus, it is even cheaper and affordable.

Echo Show (2nd Gen)
Echo Show 5

Echo Dot Clock

This is a pretty neat new addition to the Alexa line-up. This is now the 3rd generation of Echo Dots and if you’ve never used one yet, they are really convenient. Doing everything from playing your music, giving you the rundown of the news, or controlling your smart home. And now it even has a built in clock … can never have enough of those around the house.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock
Amazon Echo Dot


I had waited on the sidelines for years for the price of drones to come down enough so I could get one. At last drones have become more affordable then ever. Not only are they a blast to fly, buy you can get some really great video clips from these things. I have even included some drone shots in my ASL videos. For example, one of my favorite videos I’ve done so far is when we went to the beach to teach beach related signs. In that video I got some great footage from a drone at both San Diego and Oceanside. You can check out that video here.

The drone pictured below is a great starter drone for a little over a 100 bucks.

However, if you feel you are ready to jump into something a little more pro level, the DJI Spark is a great step up without going into crazy price tags.

If you feel you are ready for the big leagues, you can jump in the deep end and check out the Mavic Pro below.

Potensic Drone with Camera
DJI Spark with Controller
DJI Mavic Pro

For a link to the full sale, you can rake through the entire list here on Amazon’s Deals page. Happy shopping!

What kind of deals have you been able to find so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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