Free Lessons

Start with the Basics

If you are just getting started with learning ASL, this playlist below is a great place to start.

100 Signs You Need to Know

If you would like to start having conversations in sign language now, this series will walk you through the first 100 signs and phrases you should know. This series also includes some helpful learning strategies, hacks, and challenges.

Additionally, in this series I teach you the basics of ASL grammar, syntax, bridging, directional signs, and more.

High Frequency Words

According to linguist Chris Lonsdale, you can attain up to 85% fluency in a language by learning as few as 1,000 high frequency words! That is really encouraging for those of us just getting started. But which words are considered high frequency? With this new series you won’t have to guess. Learn you first set of 10 words with the video below.

Insightful Interviews

In the playlist below are included some interviews with interpreters, students, and professors. Learn about how long it takes to learn the language, get a peak into what it is like to be an ASL interpreter, and also learn about what it is like to be involved in the deaf community.

Travel and Learn

Come with us while we travel and learn signs on location! This is a fun and entertaining way to build up your ASL vocabulary. Who says expanding your lexicon needs to be boring?

Fingerspelling Practice

Test your receptive fingerspelling skills with the playlist below! In this series, I spell out three different names at three different speeds. Can you get it at the fastest speed?

Your Questions Answered

In this playlist of videos, we answer your questions about sign language and interpreting.

Language Learning

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to learn several languages while the rest of us struggle to learn just learn the basics? Learn some seriously powerful language learning tips that you can use to learn any language, including ASL.

Patreon Exclusives

It is because of the generous support of our patrons that we are able to continue to produce these videos for you all. If you would like to become a patron and enjoy some exclusive videos and have some extra support, feel free to go visit our page at