Coronavirus: 14 Basic Signs

Here is a quick video that covers 14 basic signs that you may want to know during the current outbreak of coronavirus. Just as a kind reminder, please keep up with the latest information from the CDC in the days and weeks to come so you can be safe during this pandemic.

The signs I teach in the video are listed below …

Coronavirus / COVID-19 1:20
Sick / Disease 2:10
Wash hands 2:38
Temperature / Fever 2:51
Difficulty breathing 3:11
Runny nose 3:56
Cough 4:13
Doctor 4:23
Nurse 4:49
Hospital 5:00
Quarantine 5:09
Stay 5:33
Home 5:38
Stuck 5:45

Please stay safe out there and I hope you all are doing well. Please let me know if there are any additional signs you would like me to show you.

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