Pets and Animals in ASL

Whether we are young or old, one thing we often find ourselves talking about are animals. If you’re learning sign language and haven’t yet learned some animal signs, now’s your chance! Check out some of the videos and links below to build up your animal vocabulary. Favorite Animal Signs | Sign Duo Animals | ASL …

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Intro to ASL Class

I recently did an Intro to ASL class that covers a lot of the basics of sign language, such as how to sign the alphabet, numbers 1-10, and how to introduce yourself in sign language. However, I also teach how you can learn faster and stay motivated for longer. In this class you will learn …

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Learn ASL The Fast Way

According to linguist Chris Lonsdale, by learning approximately 1,000 high frequency words in a language, you can attain up to 85% fluency.  But what words are considered high frequency? Fortunately, with this new series of videos, you won’t have to guess. In this particular video, you’ll be learning your first set of 10 high frequency …

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ASL Group Practice Sessions

One challenge many ASL students face is finding others to practice with. During the current pandemic, that challenge as only gotten harder. That is why I am making ASL Group Practice Sessions available to anyone that is interested in improving their expressive and receptive skills in sign language.

Coronavirus: 14 Basic Signs

Here is a quick video that covers 14 basic signs that I thought would be good to know during the current outbreak of #coronavirus. Just as a kind reminder, please keep up with the latest information from the #CDC in the days and weeks to come so you can be safe during this pandemic.