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I’m happy to let you all know that we will be hosting another ASL Group Practice Session this Wednesday! We will be starting at 5:00 PM PST on April 22nd.

These group meetings are a great way to get some real life practice using what you have learnt so far. Each week, we start with some tips on how to get the most out of your practice and then we pair students off of similar skill levels.

Group Session from April 15, 2020

You’ll have about 15-20 minutes to have a conversation with a partner using only sign language. After that, we will all come back as a group and share our experiences which is followed up with some learning tips and a quick Q&A.

If you would like to join us this week, here is the link to the Zoom meeting.

To help prepare, this weeks theme will be family. If you’d like to brush up on some signs for family, you can check my Family Signs lesson here or feel free to check out this video from ASL That which shows you various family signs as well.

I realize that learning a new language can be a real challenge, especially when we don’t have another person to practice with. That is why I really wanted to create a place where students can come together and network with other learners.

I’ll see you Wednesday!

If you would like to help us continue to make these group practice sessions available as a free resource for students all over the world, feel free to visit our Patreon page here.

4 thoughts on “Group Practice”

  1. I appreciate this offer. I might be catching the next (4/29) session. I’m practicing every day. I just need a few more vocabulary words and hand spelling practice. At this point, it is frustrating to attempt to interact because my skills are so basic. I’m ALMOST “ready” for basic conversation. 😉

    Bill – Columbus, Ohio

    1. It’s never too early to start practicing. Even if all you know is the alphabet, starting to use what you know already can really help. Some of the ones in the group session are super new to the language as well. I hope you can make our next session and in the meantime keep practicing everyday and you’ll be more than ready. Feel free to check out some of the Finger spelling Practice videos if you’d like to work on your finger spelling receptive practice.

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