how to REMEMBER EVERYTHING you learn

Last month we held a workshop that was all about how you can REMEMBER EVERYTHING you learn with a few simple and effective strategies.

For instance, we talked about a few ways you can utilize music to help you keep the learning process fun and memorable.

We also discussed how you can use creativity to make it easier to remember vocabulary, how you can use grouping to better remember phrases, and how you can overcome the common struggles of learning ASL.

However, like many of our workshops, we ended up covering a lot of other interesting topics as well, such as the differences between ASL, PSE, and SEE and how their grammar is structured differently.

Additionally, we got the chance to answer some great questions such as:

  • What is lexicaliztation?
  • How do you sign a list of items?
  • What is indexing?
  • What’s the difference between pretend and make-believe?
  • Can you make up a sign temporarily?

Those were all great questions and we had a great time discussing them throughout the workshop.

And even though we’re were not expecting to talk about it, we shared Johnni’s process and approach to interpreting popular songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “A Million Dreams” into ASL.

Oh, and we also shared the story about the one time Johnni just said, “Nope” after a teacher played a bit of a prank on her with THAT ONE SONG 😂

Anyways, we had a wonderful time hosting this workshop and if you happened to miss it or would like to watch it for review, we now have the full replay available to all VIP members on Patreon, YouTube, and Beyond the Basics. We also added time stamps so you can easily jump from topic to topic.

0:00 Introduction
2:33 Using music to your advantage
9:38 The importance of small wins
10:40 Overcoming common struggles
11:47 How being creative helps you
16:46 Use grouping to remember phrases
18:04 The power of reciprocal teaching
19:50 Building up your vocabulary bank
22:48 The problem with perfection
24:38 ASL / PSE / SEE
30:57 Overcoming your nerves
32:42 A quick word on ASL grammar
37:57 Pretend vs Make-believe vs Fake
39:36 Interpreting music in ASL
43:56 What indexing is and how to use it
47:48 Fingerspelling tips
52:45 Examples of lexicalized signs
55:00 Why active learning is more powerful
55:28 Avoid this mistake at all costs
56:40 Our favorite quotes
58:38 The time Johnni said “…Nope”
59:46 Can you ever make up a sign for something?
1:03:18 The real reason we host events at 5pm

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