7-Day Challenge

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This program is designed to help you build a solid foundation in ASL and help you make learning sign language a long term success with a series of classes, challenges, practice sessions, resources, Q&As, and an ongoing supportive community starting on November 2nd. Register today and we will include a 1:1 session for FREE (a $49 value)!

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Every day you will have access to a variety of RESOURCES that will be focused on a centralized theme for the day and you will have the opportunity to implement what you learn with interactive daily CHALLENGES.

Every evening at 5:00 PM Pacific we will be hosting PRACTICE SESSIONS so you can put your new knowledge into real world use and improve both your expressive and receptive skills. These practice sessions will then be followed up with a CLASS and an open Q&A.

By the end of the 7-day Challenge, you can expect to…

  • Be more confident
  • Have a solid foundation in ASL
  • Fully unlock your language learning potential
  • Know how to apply advanced learning techniques
  • Become autodidactic
  • Have a network of other students to work with
  • Prepared to make learning sign language a long-term success

Orientation – Friday 10/30
Day 1 – Monday 11/2
Day 2 – Tuesday 11/3
Day 3 – Wednesday 11/4
Day 4 – Thursday 11/5
Day 5 – Friday 11/6
Day 6 – Monday 11/9
Day 7 – Tuesday 11/10



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