Start with the Basics

One of the first steps to learning a new language is learning how to introduce yourself. In ASL, that means you’ll first need to learn how to sign all the letters in your name (and the rest of the alphabet too). Next you’ll want to learn a few basic phrases that can help you get the conversation going. Below are a variety of resources you can use to help you learn the alphabet and build up a knowledge of some basic ASL phrases.

These videos are a great way to help you build up your confidence and can be a good kick start to moving forward with your goal of learning sign language. However, one key aspect of learning any new language is to put it into practice with others.

This week, we are hosting a 7-Day ASL Challenge where you can utilize resources such as these and then put them into practice with other students the same day as you learn them. This is an extremely effective way to remember what you learn. Plus, we also will be following up each practice session with a discussion on how you can make learning sign language faster, easier, and more successful.

Today is Day 1 of our seven day challenge and we would love for you to join us! We have 5 spots still available, sign up now and take part in the full 7-day program starting today.

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