Best Black Friday Deals for ASL

Set of 500 ASL Flash Cards (44% OFF)

To be honest, these are some of my favorite flash cards. They are a great way to build up your vocabulary and a fun way to review what you’ve been learning. On the front of each card you will find an illustration of the sign with descriptions of how to do the sign. On the back of each card there are synonyms and other related words. You can click here to see what the prices are in real time. At the time of this writing they are currently at the lowest price they’ve ever been.

The Gallaudet Dictionary (23% OFF)

If you are going to pick up an ASL dictionary, this is the one to get. This dictionary was created over a span of 5 years by a board of experts and linguists and includes over 3,000 signs. Each sign is alphabetized and illustrated. It also comes with a DVD that features every sign from the dictionary! Another thing that you may find really useful is that this dictionary lays out some of the basic groundwork for learning ASL by explaining syntax and grammar in an easy to understand way.

The Gallaudet Children’s Dictionary (30% OFF)

If you are a visual learner, then this dictionary will be perfect for you. Even though this is positioned as a children’s dictionary, the illustrations are a really powerful way to remember the signs that you learn even as an adult. Overall, it includes over 1,000 signs and 150 ASL sentences and also includes an introduction that covers the basics of signing, fingerspelling, and Deaf culture. As a bonus, this dictionary also comes with an accompanying video that shows how to produce each sign at the Gallaudet University Press website.

Learn Signing Essentials in 30 Days (37% OFF)

This book is a great springboard for learning the basics to get you started having conversations. It is designed in a really easy to follow format and lays out what you need to learn day by day. This book is a great way to get started without becoming overwhelmed and provide a little structure for those of us that may not know what we should learn next. I highly recommend picking this one up if you’re just getting started and even more so if you have Kindle Unlimited where you can download the eBook version for free.

Signing Time Playtime Signs (50% OFF)

The Signing Time series by Rachel Coleman is a really fun way to build up your basic vocabulary in ASL. The TV show is especially good if you are trying to learn sign language as a family and want to keep your kids engaged in learning the language. If you’ve ever thought about teaching your child baby sign language to enable communication at an earlier age, you may want to check out Baby Signing Time which helps parents and babies communicate using sign language as early as 6 months old.

Flash cards
ASL Dictionary
ASL Dictionary for Children
Essentials in 30 Days
Signing Time

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