How to Sign Food in ASL

When learning a new language, it really helps to learn how to communicate what we talk about the most, and let’s face it, one thing that we talk about nearly everyday is food. With that in mind, I’ve gathered some great videos that can help you build up your vocabulary when it comes to the

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How to sign animals in ASL

Whether you are young or old, one thing we often find ourselves talking about are animals. If you’re learning sign language and haven’t yet learned some animal signs, now’s your chance! Check out some of the videos and links below to learn some sings to your favorite pes or animals. Favorite Animal Signs | Sign

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Family Signs in ASL

When we start to learn a new language, it is often best to start learning the words, signs, and phrases about the things we want to talk about. For many of us, that’s family. Go ahead and check out the variety of resources included below that can help you learn new signs all about Family.

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Numbers in ASL

Numbers are everywhere! When learning a new language, numbers are often one of the first things we learn, and for good reason. Whether you are talking about time, age, money, quantities, or math… numbers just are part of our daily lives. If you are learning ASL, then learning how to sign numbers is a great

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Feelings and Emotions in ASL

How are you feeling? Happy? Excited? Tired? Learn how to sign a variety of feelings and emotions in American Sign Language today for free. Below I have included a variety of resources that can help you build up your vocabulary in ASL. The video featured below for example is from ASL Connect, a free resource

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Where do I start?

Getting Started Want to learn sign language but not sure where to start? A good place to start is with introductions and basic phrases. Below is a small collection of videos where you can learn a series of signs and phrases that you can use to start a basic conversation in sign language. Making Introductions

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