Where do I start?

Getting Started

Want to learn sign language but not sure where to start? A good place to start is with introductions and basic phrases. Below is a small collection of videos where you can learn a series of signs and phrases that you can use to start a basic conversation in sign language.

NOTE: You may notice some differences and similarities between some of the videos listed above, however, I do encourage watching as many as possible which will help you improve your receptive skills by becoming familiar with various styles of signing as well as being exposed to some common variations.

Remembering What You Learn

One of the challenges of learning new vocabulary is remembering what you learn. However, there are a few options at your disposal that can help you remember what you learn.

For instance, making a list of the words you learn and reviewing them can be a great way to jog your memory. Another thing you can try is recording yourself signing what you learned today and reviewing the video tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a method that works for you.

For more ideas on how you can remember what you learn, you can check out this workshop that was all about how you can improve your memory and speed up the process of learning a new language more quickly.

With that said though, the absolute BEST way to remember the signs and phrases that you learn is by putting them into practice with others as quickly as possible.

Practicing What You Learn

Now that you have learned some basic signs and phrases to start a conversation and introduce yourself, it’s time to put those things into practice!

You are welcome to join our free group practice sessions that are held every Wednesday at 5pm Pacific and start practicing with others of a similar skill level as you.

Also, during the month of August we are going to be using resources such as those mentioned earlier as a basis for putting into practice what you learn with others as a part of our 30-day Crash Course.

Throughout the course, we will be holding three practice sessions every week utilizing resources such as those mentioned earlier as a basis for discussion. Plus, you’ll have an active and supportive community to help you each step of the way.

Whether you are learning on your own, would like to join us for our free sessions on Wednesday, or would like to partake in our full 30-day program, we would like to commend you for taking the first step to learning sign language!